[sword-devel] summary

Matthew Talbert ransom1982 at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 16:45:35 MST 2008

> > 1. Find some way to increase transparency in the module submission
> > process. There have been several suggestions made, many of which could
> > be implemented easily. It appears that the biggest complaint is that
> > Chris has entire control of the process without any oversight or
> > accountability of the modules at crosswire email address. In open source
> > as well as in government, openness and accountability are always
> > helpful in decreasing discontent. Although there have been many
> > allegations made, I'm not accusing Chris of anything here, just saying
> > that it would decrease discontent if there was more openness.
> It sounds as if you should dedicate considerable time to producing an
> OSIS document submission, validation, and vetting mechanism, as DM
> mentioned has been on the TODO list for some time.

This is completely skirting the above issue.

> > 2. The sword project should maintain sources via svn of at the very
> > least the public domain resources. There is very clear community
> > consensus on this point as well.
> It sounds as if you should dedicate some time to producing, at the very
> least, a proof of concept, e.g. the plan to update & maintain Easton's
> dictionary in SVN.
> You're committing a bit of feature-creep here in your expression of what
> "clear community consensus" is, as previous statements have suggested
> maintaining libraries, but not specifically in SVN. I don't think the
> SVN idea is a terribly good one, especially not on crosswire.org.

SVN has been mentioned several times in this conversation as well as
previous ones. Perhaps you should try searching the archives to see
what has been said.

> The concept also requires buy-in from module developers in order to have
> their permission to publicly host documents, essentially giving
> permission to anyone else to modify them and to any other project to use
> them. Speaking for myself, aside from some educational purposes, which
> can be achieved by posting a few sample documents, I can't see much
> reason to buy in.

Actually, for public domain texts, it does not. Did you read what I said?

> We are listening to your feedback and your opinions.

No frankly you are not. Almost everything I've said or asked, you have
sidetracked into technical issues, without really answering the
question. You have done this for others as well.

> that we will do everything you (or even a group of you) suggest. Your
> voice at CrossWire will not grow by using more words or pleading more
> plaintively. Talk is cheap.
> If you want something done, do it yourself. If you are unhappy with the
> current workflows, come up with an alternative that fits within our
> requirements and demonstrate a working proof-of-concept. If this is a
> priority for you, you need to be the prime mover.
> --Chris

Several alternatives have been mentioned. Instead of trying to deal
with issues that might be present in any proposed solution, you have
bluntly rejected all proposals.

Chris, primarily because of your attitude in this and other times as
well, going back for a couple of years, I am at the end of my patience
for this project. I have no desire to help any longer. You do not
understand, I think, that only the very brave would even consider
suggesting something to you, because you almost always respond
harshly. I have watched many new people come and go because of this.

Best of luck to you and your project.


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