[sword-devel] Taming Wild Threads (was: Getting stuff done (Re: External links))

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Nov 27 09:50:49 MST 2008

DM Smith wrote:
> I'll see what I can do to flesh out some of the TEI wiki examples. As  
> this is a learning experience for me (I'm working on the NAS lexicons  
> in TEI and plan to have them done by Dec 20. So I should understand  
> TEI well enough to suit the task.)
> I'll probably be documenting my decisions on that page. And as Chris  
> and others comment/make corrections, I'll do the same to the module  
> I'm working on.)

Worth posting before I sign off, here's my Strong's Dictionary file:

Ironically, it doesn't validate. :) Apparently TEI P5 doesn't like 
dagesh within the n attribute--which seems silly to me. I am considering 
doing a little mucking around with the schema to make this valid.

An example:

<entryFree n="H0002|אב">
<orth type="trans" rend="bold">'ab</orth>
<pron rend="italic">ab</pron><lb/>
<def>(Chaldee); corresponding to <ref target="Strong:H0001">H1</ref>: - 

I've got the module keys (what Sword actually adds entries for) in the n 
attribute on entryFree (or (super)entry in the case that it is used). 
The n attribute is a | delimited list. The first entry is primary (where 
the data actually goes). Subsequent entries are linked. (This last bit 
is broken, either in the API or in BibleCS, I'm not sure which, so that 
linked entries don't actually link, they just show "@LINK {entry}".) The 
linked entries part of tei2mod hasn't yet been committed to SVN.

<title> is the entry title.
<orth> is the orthographic form of the entry word.
<orth type="trans"> is a transliterated form of the entry word. (I got 
"trans" from the online P5 docs. They are invaluable.)
rend="bold" says render this bit bold. Similarly for rend="italic". 
We'll need to produce a good long list standard rend values for use in 
<pron> is pronunciation.
<def> is the definition.
The <ref> identifies a reference to another entry, here "Strong:H0001", 
meaning the H0001 entry of the module named Strong (in this case the 
present module).

This is a quite minimal entry, but it is recognized by the importer and 
it is recognized by the filters (to the extent that they recognize 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Or for all of you outside the US, happy 
Thursday the 27th.


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