[sword-devel] Taming Wild Threads (was: Getting stuff done (Re: External links))

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 27 09:25:54 MST 2008

On Nov 27, 2008, at 8:00 AM, Matthew Talbert wrote:

> Chris,
> Thank you for this response. It makes me feel better about the whole
> situation. Realize that what I'm asking for is not just for me, but
> also the non-coders here who need some help. I know it's a lot to ask
> anyone, but I think you would get more support in general, including
> from Karl, if you would spend the time to go looking through the code.
> Again, I'm not trying to get out of learning myself, I just really
> think this would solve some of your frustrations.
> For starters, my particular interest is in dictionaries, so a few
> entries from a tei dictionary with comments explaining the different
> options, and if possible explaining the status of support in the
> frontends, would be a big help. By frontends, I don't mean *all* of
> them, just a couple or generalities would be helpful.

I'll see what I can do to flesh out some of the TEI wiki examples. As  
this is a learning experience for me (I'm working on the NAS lexicons  
in TEI and plan to have them done by Dec 20. So I should understand  
TEI well enough to suit the task.)

I'll probably be documenting my decisions on that page. And as Chris  
and others comment/make corrections, I'll do the same to the module  
I'm working on.)

In Him,

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