[sword-devel] Japanese Bibles in Sword, XML tools to deal with Ruby etc.

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Tue Nov 11 21:59:28 MST 2008

We had all of those except for the Denmo (since that was in fact the 
source, as the .confs identify). I just uploaded the Denmo, which was 
structurally rather different from the others, and so not done in 
parallel with them.

After a small fight with the GBF2OSIS converter (or rather its output) I 
put the Denmo translation up. Unlike the other translations, since it 
doesn't have ruby, we could presumably release this prior to writing 
1.5.12 ruby filters.


Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> A friendly person dropped this link (http://bible.50webs.org/en/) right
> now in sword-support.
> There are several Japanese Bibles in a variety of formats, including
> sword modules + some tools to deal better with Ruby notation.
> Some of these we have, but some we don't AFAICT.
> Peter
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