[sword-devel] SWORD iPhone Application

Ian Wagner iwagn973 at students.bju.edu
Tue Nov 11 12:16:46 MST 2008


My name is Ian Wagner and I am a Computer Science student at Bob Jones  
University. I really like what you guys are doing and would like to be  
of assistance if I can. There is currently very little bible software  
for the iPhone/iPod touch right now, and most of the software out  
there is plagued by 1) a very limited library, 2) requirement of an  
Internet connection, or both. I think that a SWORD module reader for  
the iPhone would be a great idea and I would love to help with  
developing it. I have an iPhone dev license and was able to get the  
SWORD API to build for it.

I understand that one of the major hangups was the GPL issue. The most  
helpful article I found on the issue is located here: http://www.halostatue.ca/2008/08/26/gnu-gpled-software-and-the-iphone/ 
. Let me know what you guys think of that. I would really like to see  
this become a reality.

I'm also the person who e-mailed sword-support about the Japanese  
translations. I'm not Japanese, but learning the language is one of my  
hobbies so if there is anything else I can do to help out in that  
department then let me know.

There's no place like

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