[sword-devel] TEI markup support

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon May 12 16:10:54 MST 2008

Our plans are to use TEI for dictionary encoding from here forth. At the 
moment we have some support for both P4 and P5 conversion to RTF (used 
by BibleCS), plain, and HTMLHREF (used by GnomeSword, BPBible?, 
others?). So...

Issue 1:

Which filters remain necessary before we can declare that we support TEI 
and ship 1.5.11 with TEI support sufficient for all of the major frontends?

I assume no one parses GBF, ThML, or OSIS directly for rendering. Does 
anyone use the plain HTML filter? (I'll tackle the WEBIF filters and do 
any revisions to the HTMLHREF that seem necessary.)

Issue 2:

I think DM and I (so far CrossWire's only 2 TEI encoders) are agreed on 
using the more recent TEI P5 for CrossWire-encoded texts. None of these 
are yet available publicly, but DM's NASB lexicons use P5 now and my 
(coming soon) revision of Webster's Dictionary uses it.

Everything currently posted uses P4 (which was current at the time they 
were encoded). That includes stuff from Perseus (which came to us as 
TEI) and things from the Germanic Lexicons Project (which were encoded 
in TEI by me).

Should we:
a) support TEI P4 and P5 separately (so we would need TEI P4 and P5 
flavors of the filters targeting RTF, HTMLHREF, WEBIF, plain, 
etc.)--This would require extra work and a larger memory footprint than 
the other options.

b) support TEI P4 and P5 jointly (one filter for TEI, irrespective of 
version, for each target markup)--This would be possible because there's 
not that much significant difference, but would be slighly wasteful.

c) convert TEI P4 docs to P5

I think I prefer option c. It shouldn't be that difficult given the 
standards' similarity.


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