[sword-devel] Diaspora source, mod2pbp?

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed May 14 17:16:10 MST 2008

Diaspora is no longer under development or supported. We no longer 
distribute Diaspora, either. And anyone who IS distributing Diaspora is 
probably doing so in violation of the license, because they aren't 
including or offering the source.

Source is still available via SVN, but requires BCB to build, and would 
require significant work just to get compiled.


David Haslam wrote:
> What is the current status of the Diaspora application ? 
> Is development no longer active and are bug fixes not to be expected?
> David Haslam
> Joel Pedraza wrote:
>> Where can I find the source to Diaspora? I'm going to try and write a
>> until for converting a Bible/Commentary module into the Palm Bible+
>> format.

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