[sword-devel] SwordReader - Progress...

David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Sun Mar 30 16:49:03 MST 2008

I have been spending a lot of time reorganizing the SwordReader source. 
In some ways its a rewrite, although I never intended it to be, I just 
got in deeper than I imagined I would.

I have a lot of the underlying structure in place, I mimicked the MFC 
class structure to keep things familiar to windows programmers. I could 
have used MFC but I have issues with MFC and compatibility between eVC3 
and VS2005 could end up biting us more than once along the way. This way 
we are not bound to any bloated MFC dlls and we can take better 
advantage of the features of C++ (polymorphism, inheritance, 
re-usability, etc.).

As a result I am moving things around and renaming classes, etc. When I 
am done there won't be much from the old that is recognizable except for 
the meatier parts of the code. I hope this does not offend anyone, that 
isn't my intention, its just that the old structure was limiting the 
addition of new features and overall comprehensibility, especially for 

The current code base does not build, but don't worry I tagged the last 
good build prior to the reorganization. I covet your prayers as I 
proceed. Prayer that I make good design decisions, and finish what I 
started. ;-)

Feel free to chime in if there are any concerns or suggestions.

In Christ,
David Trotz

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