[sword-devel] Future MacSword

Nathan Youngman junkmail at nathany.com
Wed Mar 19 13:01:16 MST 2008

Hi Manfred,

On 19-Mar-08, at 12:34 AM, Manfred Bergmann wrote:

> Done. trunk is now again the trunk. ;)

Much, much cleaner. Now just to build sword and all that.
I wonder if we couldn't use an svn:external to the Sword repository  
and set it up
within Xcode so that it's Build & Go simple.

You had mentioned the Eloquent wrapper as it's own Framework?

> No problem, I have administrator rights and can add you to the project
> again if you have a new sourceforge account.

I setup a new "nyoungman" account on SourceForge.

> For now I think we shouldn't move the repo. SourceForge's svn is
> alright although I don't like the public version of Sourceforge very
> much.
> The enterprise SourceForge VMware image is great but needs to be
> hosted and this we can't do probably.

SourceForge it is then! We definitely need to keep with a free host
that will continue to be around even if people leave/join the project.

> The announce mailing list for MacSword has quite a lot of subscribers,
> maybe there are people that want to help.
> I just had Sébastien from this mailing list to help in french
> translation.
> So there are people around that might are willing to help.

Alright. I'll have to look into multilingual support.

Do you use macsword-develop and macsword-user lists?

> It would be great if you could help on the website and other things if
> you want to.

I looked over SourceForge's web hosting information, so I think the
best would be a WordPress blog using PHP/MySQL with a few Pages
for the site and the News using the blog itself. PHP isn't my favorite,
but I'll hold my nose and do it :-)

Looks like SF wants screenshots and files always served up from
their dedicated systems, which I'll have to look into.

Oh. And the domain can be pointed at our SourceForge site, once
we have access to update the DNS records.

> My plan is to start from scratch with a new software.
> I want to release another version of MacSword with dropped Panther
> support with a couple of new features but then I would like to
> concetrate on the new software that also drops Tiger support. Leopard
> really has a couple of nice new features.
> I chose a different name, but maybe I'll rename to MacSword NG. :)

If the software isn't diverging in purpose, licensing, etc. then I think
MacSword 2 is a safe bet. Major version #'s are understood to include
major changes, like interface revamps (ooh, pretty Core Animation:).

In keeping old versions for the old cats, are we backporting fixes, or
is that even possible? I don't see any pre-1.3 tags, so does that mean
we just have binaries?

- nathan.

Nathan Youngman
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