[sword-devel] Future MacSword

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Wed Mar 19 00:34:47 MST 2008

Hi Nathan.

Am 19.03.2008 um 02:09 schrieb Nathan Youngman:

> I suppose we could rename the trunk and then rename the branch to
> clear it up. Subversion is kinda so/so with renames, but generally it
> works okay if it's planned well.

Done. trunk is now again the trunk. ;)

> My account on sourceforge forwards to nathan at macsword.com, which goes
> to the bitbucket apparently... I tried several times and ways to
> retrieve my password.
> Once we have the domain, and I can forward nathan at macsword.com email
> address to myself, then I can get back into my Sourceforge account.

No problem, I have administrator rights and can add you to the project  
again if you have a new sourceforge account.

> Alternatively, if you're an admin, I could just add a whole new
> account. Alternatively, alternatively... we could rsync the repo down
> and setup with Trac or something else. I've been using Devjavu for a
> while now, and quite like it.

For now I think we shouldn't move the repo. SourceForge's svn is  
alright although I don't like the public version of Sourceforge very  
The enterprise SourceForge VMware image is great but needs to be  
hosted and this we can't do probably.

> I did a DeepVacuum of macsword.com, so I have the HTML but not the
> original source with the PHP that does multilingual support. It could
> be a challenge to maintain multilingual, unless we are still in
> contact with those translators?

The announce mailing list for MacSword has quite a lot of subscribers,  
maybe there are people that want to help.
I just had Sébastien from this mailing list to help in french  
So there are people around that might are willing to help.

> As far as my involvement, I'm quite willing to revamp the web site and
> help manage some of that "infrastructure" stuff. If I build a new
> site, its source will of course reside next to the Cocoa code. Whether
> I help much on the Cocoa side remains to be seen... it would probably
> be slow going for me to figure out the code base, and Cocoa, and what
> you want done.

It would be great if you could help on the website and other things if  
you want to.

My plan is to start from scratch with a new software.
I want to release another version of MacSword with dropped Panther  
support with a couple of new features but then I would like to  
concetrate on the new software that also drops Tiger support. Leopard  
really has a couple of nice new features.
I chose a different name, but maybe I'll rename to MacSword NG. :)

But of course you can help whereever you want.


> On 17-Mar-08, at 10:22 AM, Manfred Bergmann wrote:
>> You need to look at branches/MacSword-reorg
>> I did reorganize all source files in a branch some time ago and it
>> never made it into the trunk.
>> So this branch actually is the development trunk now. ;)
>> A stable version (1.3.1) has been tagged lately which is in tags
>> folder.
>> This branch will now be further changed, Panther support dropped,
>> module installer integrated.
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