[sword-devel] Future MacSword

Nathan Youngman junkmail at nathany.com
Tue Mar 18 18:09:42 MST 2008

Hey Manfred,

Always helps to be looking in the right place... :-)

I suppose we could rename the trunk and then rename the branch to  
clear it up. Subversion is kinda so/so with renames, but generally it  
works okay if it's planned well.

My account on sourceforge forwards to nathan at macsword.com, which goes  
to the bitbucket apparently... I tried several times and ways to  
retrieve my password.
Once we have the domain, and I can forward nathan at macsword.com email  
address to myself, then I can get back into my Sourceforge account.  
Alternatively, if you're an admin, I could just add a whole new  
account. Alternatively, alternatively... we could rsync the repo down  
and setup with Trac or something else. I've been using Devjavu for a  
while now, and quite like it.

I did a DeepVacuum of macsword.com, so I have the HTML but not the  
original source with the PHP that does multilingual support. It could  
be a challenge to maintain multilingual, unless we are still in  
contact with those translators?

As far as my involvement, I'm quite willing to revamp the web site and  
help manage some of that "infrastructure" stuff. If I build a new  
site, its source will of course reside next to the Cocoa code. Whether  
I help much on the Cocoa side remains to be seen... it would probably  
be slow going for me to figure out the code base, and Cocoa, and what  
you want done.

- nathan

On 17-Mar-08, at 10:22 AM, Manfred Bergmann wrote:

> You need to look at branches/MacSword-reorg
> I did reorganize all source files in a branch some time ago and it
> never made it into the trunk.
> So this branch actually is the development trunk now. ;)
> A stable version (1.3.1) has been tagged lately which is in tags  
> folder.
> This branch will now be further changed, Panther support dropped,
> module installer integrated.

Nathan Youngman
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