[sword-devel] Future MacSword

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Wed Mar 19 14:32:37 MST 2008

Hi Nathan.

Am 19.03.2008 um 21:01 schrieb Nathan Youngman:

> On 19-Mar-08, at 12:34 AM, Manfred Bergmann wrote:
>> Done. trunk is now again the trunk. ;)
> Much, much cleaner. Now just to build sword and all that.
> I wonder if we couldn't use an svn:external to the Sword repository
> and set it up
> within Xcode so that it's Build & Go simple.
> You had mentioned the Eloquent wrapper as it's own Framework?

Eh, svn:external?

There is a folder sword_mac_build where you just need to call:
make -f Makefile_default build-release-fat (not exactly sure about the  
target name)

That's all.

Eloquent is the name of the new Project which is hosted on Google Code:

But as we said, it would be good to change the name to MacSword 2 or  
something. And I will move the things to the SourceForge MacSword  
The trunk of Eloquent project is currently only a module installer  
based on a cleaned up port to Objective-C 2.0 of the MacSword SWORD  
backend classes. I added some new classes for install sources and such.

wrapper, own Framework. Well, yes. I tried it but the current MacSword  
wrapper is not capsulated enough. It accesses many other things which  
it shouldn't . So first some more cleanup is needed.
But actually I would like to do this for MacSword 2, not for the  
current version.

>> The announce mailing list for MacSword has quite a lot of  
>> subscribers,
>> maybe there are people that want to help.
>> I just had Sébastien from this mailing list to help in french
>> translation.
>> So there are people around that might are willing to help.
> Alright. I'll have to look into multilingual support.
> Do you use macsword-develop and macsword-user lists?

I created them a couple of months ago but actually never posted to them.
But of course they can be used.
And for internal development they IMO should be used at least the  
developer mailing list.

>> It would be great if you could help on the website and other things  
>> if
>> you want to.
> I looked over SourceForge's web hosting information, so I think the
> best would be a WordPress blog using PHP/MySQL with a few Pages
> for the site and the News using the blog itself. PHP isn't my  
> favorite,
> but I'll hold my nose and do it :-)

I don't like PHP either. Did a lot of JSF stuff lately and put my nose  
into Grails a bit.

> Looks like SF wants screenshots and files always served up from
> their dedicated systems, which I'll have to look into.
> Oh. And the domain can be pointed at our SourceForge site, once
> we have access to update the DNS records.

Yep, that would be good.

>> My plan is to start from scratch with a new software.
>> I want to release another version of MacSword with dropped Panther
>> support with a couple of new features but then I would like to
>> concetrate on the new software that also drops Tiger support. Leopard
>> really has a couple of nice new features.
>> I chose a different name, but maybe I'll rename to MacSword NG. :)
> If the software isn't diverging in purpose, licensing, etc. then I  
> think
> MacSword 2 is a safe bet. Major version #'s are understood to include
> major changes, like interface revamps (ooh, pretty Core Animation:).

Yep, Core Animation for example. Actually I didn't see it in action.
But also the nice Dashboard like floater windows are really cool.

> In keeping old versions for the old cats, are we backporting fixes, or
> is that even possible? I don't see any pre-1.3 tags, so does that mean
> we just have binaries?

There is the tag for 1.3.1 which supports Panther.
The old trunk was a 1.3beta version, Will tried to merge something  
from the branch that I created into the trunk a long time ago.
So I tagged this 1.3beta before I moved the branch to the trunk. This  
one still has the Lucene stuff.
And there are also still some 1.2.1 sources around.
But actually the only version I can think of back porting anything or  
doing critical bugfixes is 1.3.1.
If someone is still using Jaguar than it is time to upgrade.

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