[sword-devel] Bibles in Beta

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Mon Jun 16 16:52:28 MST 2008

Sebastien Koechlin wrote:
> I think it's a very good idea. As a module maintainer (FreJND), I'm on the
> list for more than a year. I submited a module on January 1st, and it's
> still not in the beta repository. I asked friends to review it, but as it is
> still not in beta, they can not install and test it. I saw on the wiki beta
> module page (in the history), a comment about conf file not in UTF-8, and I
> suppose it's not the last version I submited (Version=1.15), someone may be
> working on an obsolet version.

Version 1.15 was posted about a week ago, but there was an error 
reported and so 1.16 was created (just a .conf fix). Either I deleted 
the original .conf and forgot to upload the new one or it was deleted by 
someone else. (I tend to think it was just my mistake.) In any case, 
it's been back since I noticed the note in the Wiki.

> I have other texts I would like to submit, but I need to have feedback on
> the first, before working on it.

My first piece of advice when submitting content is to make sure it is 
valid content. When I checked your last submission, it was not valid 
OSIS. If I have to do the corrections myself, it can add a lot more work 
than is necessary if I'm sent a valid XML file and .conf.

Is the Malagasy Bible in progress? I was planning to convert it, but 
noticed in the Wiki that you were working on it.


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