[sword-devel] FreJND (was: Bibles in Beta)

Sebastien Koechlin seb.sword at koocotte.org
Thu Jun 26 09:07:26 MST 2008

Chris Little wrote:
> Version 1.15 was posted about a week ago, but there was an error 
> reported and so 1.16 was created (just a .conf fix).

Ok, I grab 1.16 in beta repository; I'm including your corrections in my
scripts. Can you notify me next time? I didn't see anything nor in the RSS
nor in the mailing list.

> > I have other texts I would like to submit, but I need to have feedback on
> > the first, before working on it.
> My first piece of advice when submitting content is to make sure it is 
> valid content. When I checked your last submission, it was not valid 
> OSIS. If I have to do the corrections myself, it can add a lot more work 
> than is necessary if I'm sent a valid XML file and .conf.

Ok, I will work on this to submit a valided file next time I update FreJND.

> Is the Malagasy Bible in progress? I was planning to convert it, but 
> noticed in the Wiki that you were working on it.

Yes, I have a working OSIS file, but notes are not working; I'm in hollidays
and working on it.

Sébastien Koechlin

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