[sword-devel] Russian Bible software in zipped HTML repositories

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Jun 12 09:32:12 MST 2008

Identified presumed PD translations



This is a Ukrainian translation from the 19th century


The Bible in our main repository is the Ogienko translation.

BTW Are we sure about the copyright status of the Ogienko Bible? Ogienko
died in 1972.



Old Churchslavonic - published by the Czarina Elisabeth - very old and
presumably PD - historical relevance is probably big.



19th century Cyrillic Serbian translation - probably largely identical
with our Croatian translation but Cyrillic.



Vietnamese translation 1934 ? PD - Daniel Owens should be able to tell
us more about that one


I am sure there is more on this site, but this is what I could come up
with. I find the commentary section particularly interesting, but
unfortunately I am unable to figure much about them


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