[sword-devel] Apparently none are copyrighted - was Russian Bible software in zipped HTML repositories

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Jun 12 11:32:06 MST 2008

Nikolay is mentioned as the author and his email is given inside the
modules in the ini file. So I contacted him. I enquired into the
copyright status of these Bibles and got the following response. I
deleted his name and geo-address, but will forward the complete email to
Troy and Chris. I guess at least the Russian bit of the collection is
fair game and would be a great enhancement to our software. I presume
the forum link explains the copyright status even more, so maybe someone
with Russian knowledge should have a further look.



Здравствуйте, Peter.

Вы писали 12 июня 2008 г., 19:44:05:

> > Dear brother in Christ,

> > My name is Peter von Kaehne and I am a volunteer from the  Crosswire
> > project (www.crosswire.org) for Bible Software.

> > I stumbled today over the wonderful collection of material at

> > Are these texts available as Public Domain? What is the copyright status
> > of them? Could we make use of them for our software?

> > Yours in Christ

> > Peter von Kaehne

Дорогой брат во Христе,
меня зовут Николай XXXXXXXXX.
Тексты не защищены авторским правом.
Вы можете использовать тексты для вашего программного обеспечения.
Благослови вас Бог!

Смотрите также

Ваш во Христе

Dear brother in Christ,
My name is  Nikolay XXXXXXXXXX.
Texts are not copyrighted.
You can use texts for your software.

Look also

Yours in Christ
Nikolay xxxxxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxxxxx  [name and address deleted - Peter]
mailto:onikolay at gmail.com

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