[sword-devel] Debian/Ubuntu packages?

Karl Kleinpaste karl at kleinpaste.org
Tue Jun 10 07:58:16 MST 2008

"Greg Hellings" <greg.hellings at gmail.com> writes:
> The current version in their repository is 2.2.3-1build2.  Is that the
> sort of thing that you're referring to?

Yes.  2.2.3 dates from March of last year, 15 months ago.  Any 2.3 would
be a huge improvement on that; 2.3.1, the first public release of the
series, was last October, 8 months ago.  By comparison, Fedora gets
updates literally within days of our releases, because one of our
gnomesword-developers folks pushes it out.

Apparently no one with a foot standing in Ubuntu-land ever pushes it
that direction.

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