[sword-devel] Debian/Ubuntu packages?

Greg Hellings greg.hellings at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 06:55:49 MST 2008

On Tue, Jun 10, 2008 at 7:02 AM, Karl Kleinpaste <karl at kleinpaste.org> wrote:
> "Greg Hellings" <greg.hellings at gmail.com> writes:
>> Has anyone put together an updated Debian/Ubuntu package?  I just
>> installed Ubuntu 8.04 yesterday, and the latest version of sword that
>> is available to me is 1.5.9.
> What is it about Ubuntu, that they never, ever, in their wildest dreams
> or weirdest nightmares can get caught up to something relatively recent?
> GnomeSword was into the first of our 2.3.x releases when Ubuntu repos
> were just getting a 2.2.something...and that means they held onto
> way-buggy 2.1.crud (like 2.1.5 *shudder*) for far too long.

The current version in their repository is 2.2.3-1build2.  Is that the
sort of thing that you're referring to?

> I don't know about BibleTime builds, but GnomeSword builds for Ubuntu
> (including latest Sword 1.5.11 libs to support GS) can be found here:

For Bibletime the latest in the Ubuntu repos is 1.6.4.dfsg-0ubuntu3.
I believe the dfsg indicates that there was a problem with some file
in the original source tarball - such as a licensing issue.  Sword,
meanwhile, languishes back at 1.5.9.  If there are already builds for
Ubuntu available both of 2.3.x of Gnomesword and 1.5.11 for sword and of Bibletime, have the maintainers attempted to get these into
the official Ubuntu repositories or not?


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