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SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 17 14:32:10 MST 2008

Barry Drake wrote:
> Hi there ........
> SonWon wrote:
>>    1.      Switch to different Bible versions
> It already does that.  And David is already considering a two pane view 
> so that two modules can be seen in parallel.
Scratched from the list.
>>    2.      Usable Search
> This is in hand, but will probably not be available until the new soText 
> structured modules are out.
We could possibly write are own search engine.
>>    3.      Division between Old and New Testament in Book selection screen,
> It used to have that, but space on the screen meant it became a problem. 
>   I don't really see a problem with the present layout, and everybody 
> knows where the division occurs, don't they?
True, but it is quicker for my brain to see a divided list.  :)  I 
suppose it is just the way I process data.  Not a big deal to me at the 
>>       what to do with Apocryphal books?
> This is going to be a separate and BIG problem as they will occur in 
> differing places according to module. (ie. Catholic, KJV, LXX etc.). 
> Let's wait until we have modules available that contain them first.  So 
> far, there is one, the LXXM, but development needs to go a bit further 
> in the api first so versetreekey is fully operational.  We have yet to 
> agree on such things as parallel cross-referencing between bibles based 
> on a different canonical structure and integrate that before 
> deuterocanonical operation is fully feasible.
>>    4.  Faster rendering
> David has part of this in hand - the other part will be taken care or in 
> the Sword api when we introduce soText.
> The rest of the suggestions are good and should go into the todo list - 
> some of them are there already, eg split screen. David?
todo list, where is that?
> God bless,
> Barry
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