[sword-devel] SwordReader Feature List

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Thu Jul 17 03:26:55 MST 2008

Hi there ........

SonWon wrote:
>    1.      Switch to different Bible versions

It already does that.  And David is already considering a two pane view 
so that two modules can be seen in parallel.
>    2.      Usable Search

This is in hand, but will probably not be available until the new soText 
structured modules are out.
>    3.      Division between Old and New Testament in Book selection screen,
It used to have that, but space on the screen meant it became a problem. 
  I don't really see a problem with the present layout, and everybody 
knows where the division occurs, don't they?

>       what to do with Apocryphal books?
This is going to be a separate and BIG problem as they will occur in 
differing places according to module. (ie. Catholic, KJV, LXX etc.). 
Let's wait until we have modules available that contain them first.  So 
far, there is one, the LXXM, but development needs to go a bit further 
in the api first so versetreekey is fully operational.  We have yet to 
agree on such things as parallel cross-referencing between bibles based 
on a different canonical structure and integrate that before 
deuterocanonical operation is fully feasible.
>    4.  Faster rendering
David has part of this in hand - the other part will be taken care or in 
the Sword api when we introduce soText.

The rest of the suggestions are good and should go into the todo list - 
some of them are there already, eg split screen. David?

God bless,

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