[sword-devel] SwordReader Feature List

Daniel Blake danblake at tcdr.com
Thu Jul 17 14:44:00 MST 2008

>>>    3.      Division between Old and New Testament in Book selection screen,
>> It used to have that, but space on the screen meant it became a problem. 
>>   I don't really see a problem with the present layout, and everybody 
>> knows where the division occurs, don't they?
> True, but it is quicker for my brain to see a divided list.  :)  I 
> suppose it is just the way I process data.  Not a big deal to me at the 
> moment.
A compromise might be to color code the OT & NT books instead of a 
divided list?  That wouldn't take any extra screen real estate, but 
would still be a visual indicator.

Daniel Blake

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