[sword-devel] EVC3 Compile Errors

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 15 14:30:39 MST 2008

I am using revision 2181 for Sword and swordreader is at 150.

I still get this error on a compile with EVC3 or EVC4:

C:\CrossWire\sword\src\keys\versetreekey.cpp(148) : error C2352: 
'sword::TreeKey::PositionChangeListener::getTreeKey' : illegal call of 
non-static member function
       ..\..\..\sword\include\treekey.h(58) : see declaration of 

Error C2352 is:
A static member function calls a nonstatic member function.

The line is:
TreeKey *tkey = TreeKey::PositionChangeListener::getTreeKey();

The declaration is:
TreeKey *getTreeKey() { return treeKey; }

I am not touching the Sword code.  :)

Maybe it is just a compiler switch?  I just loaded the EVC3 and 4 and 
opened the project to compile, no changes to the compiler settings which 
I would think are stored in the project.

I get other errors but they can be ignored like David said, I call them 

Barry Drake wrote:
> H there .......
> SonWon wrote:
>> Ok, maybe I misunderstood then, it doesn't look like the code I have 
>> written in the past.  
> I've just fired up eVC3 and looked at the new (latest) svn and if you 
> open the existing ....\....\whatever ...... \swordreader\src\SwRd.vcw 
> under eVC3, you will not get most of the errors and failures you 
> mentioned.  You may have to amend a few paths to header files etc. but 
> ....  this should save you a LOT OF TIME.
> God bless,
> Barry
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