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John Gammon zorkermobile at ameritech.net
Sun Jul 13 19:45:12 MST 2008

I am very interested in the EeePC.  Anyone having comments and experiences
they would care to express, please forward to me off-line.  I am looking at
this unit for a number of preacher students (in coming freshmen, and
soon-to-be graduates) as a very reasonably priced unit for beginning their

I would like to know the following:

  1.. What model did you purchase and why?
  2.. Did you leave the OEM operating system on the unit or not?  Why?
  3.. What is your impression of the unit you have purchased?
  4.. Has it lived up to your expectations?
  5.. What has been the most frustrating about this unit?
  6.. What has been the most pleasing concerning this unit?
  7.. Did you install the Sword software on the unit?  (and for which OS?)
I appreciate it.  Again, I am interested in having comments, experiences
with the unit using the SWORD software.  This information will help aid many
preachers, and Bible students to obtain a reasonable platform and highly
useful software at an entry level and without jeopardizing their livelihood.


zorkermobile at ameritech dot net
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