[sword-devel] EVS3 or EVC4 SwordReader

David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Thu Jul 10 20:27:28 MST 2008

SonWon wrote:
> Well, I have EVC4 up and running.  Also have svn running.  I tried to 
> compile and got many errors as expected with EVC4.  One error was 
> missing mem.h.  I searched the whole tree and did not find a mem.h so I 
> have something misconfigured somewhere.  I think it should be part of 
> EVC4 if I remember correctly.
I have seen that error before as well. I can't recall what I did to fix 
> I am going to dig out my EVC3 CDROM and load that up just to see that I 
> can actually compile.  Then I'll see if I can transition to EVC4 unless 
> you advise that I stay on EVC3?  Is everyone else using EVC3, should we 
> move the code to EVC4.  I think EVC4 is needed for VGA screen support 
> but not sure?  It has been a long time (1.5 years) since I worked with 
> EVC3 or 4.
Yes, start with eVC 3 it currently compiles. If you feel its sufficient 
then stick with it. If you are feeling brave try to port it to eVC 4. If 
you are feeling lucky use MSVC 2005.
> Actually I am surprised you were able to compile a Mobile 5/6 compatible 
> version with EVC3.  You will have to tell me how you did that.  Or 
> perhaps I am confused and you are compiling with EVC4, although I 
> thought for sure someone said EVC3 was being used.
The key is the API calls we make. We stick to only WinCE API calls 
compatible with WinCE 3.0 and above. Had we made a true MFC app we would 
have very little hope to be able to compile and run on both eVC 3 and 
MSVC 2005, and possibly locked out older devices all together. Thus my 
SRFramework was born. Its still a work in progress. It is my hope that 
all WinCE API calls are limited to SRFramework classes, but at this time 
that is not entirely true.

In Christ,
David Tortz

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