[sword-devel] EVS3 or EVC4 SwordReader

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 19:52:39 MST 2008

Well, I have EVC4 up and running.  Also have svn running.  I tried to 
compile and got many errors as expected with EVC4.  One error was 
missing mem.h.  I searched the whole tree and did not find a mem.h so I 
have something misconfigured somewhere.  I think it should be part of 
EVC4 if I remember correctly.

I am going to dig out my EVC3 CDROM and load that up just to see that I 
can actually compile.  Then I'll see if I can transition to EVC4 unless 
you advise that I stay on EVC3?  Is everyone else using EVC3, should we 
move the code to EVC4.  I think EVC4 is needed for VGA screen support 
but not sure?  It has been a long time (1.5 years) since I worked with 
EVC3 or 4.

Actually I am surprised you were able to compile a Mobile 5/6 compatible 
version with EVC3.  You will have to tell me how you did that.  Or 
perhaps I am confused and you are compiling with EVC4, although I 
thought for sure someone said EVC3 was being used.


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