[sword-devel] EVS3 or EVC4 SwordReader

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Fri Jul 11 02:25:21 MST 2008

Hi there ......

SonWon wrote:
> you advise that I stay on EVC3?  Is everyone else using EVC3, should we 
> move the code to EVC4.  

I tried eVC4 a few months ago straight after eVC3 had been removed so I 
know the problems.  I think we do need to port it just so others can get 
on board if they want.  Any newcomer is barred currently because they 
can't get a free compiler that will work!  I still have eVC3 installed 
on one box.  It is an oldish computer and will eventually go down. 
There is no way I can re-install eVC3 ....  I'm not the only one that is 
going to face that problem.  If you want to take the lead in porting it, 
I'll re-install eVC4 (on a different box) and try to help.

Why can't MickeySoft make stuff able to be backward compatible????

God bless,

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