[sword-devel] SwordReader PocketPC and SmartPhone CAB files.

David Trotz dtrotzjr at crosswire.org
Mon Jul 7 19:58:07 MST 2008

> Thank you very much for the CAB.  I can see many changes now from the 
> last time I looked at the SwordReader.  Great job on the HTML window, 
> single taps work!  :)  Can it tell a verse number from Strong's numbers 
> or other numbers?
It can tell a hyperlink (strongs or otherwise) from a word or verse 
number. I still need to implement the hyperlinking feature.
> The gui looks real clean.  I would prefer the navigate features to be 
> single tap access instead of having to tap into a menu.  Is there a 
> reason behind the current menu system, like M$ usability guidelines?
The menu was driven by the Smartphone which can only have two menu 
items. We decided that a single menuing system between the versions 
would make things a lot easier to maintain. Plus on Windows Mobile 6 
when you go to 3 or more menu items you loose the shiny menu look, and 
get the plain menu's instead. (Not sure if that made much sense)
> Hmm, I wish I had all of the history of how everything got to where it 
> is.  No don't take the time to explain.  :)
> Also since there is a delay in the rendering it would be a good idea to 
> throw up the busy icon until the speed is worked out.  Psalm 119 will 
> likely always be slow (6 seconds on my Spring Mogul, 2.5 seconds on 
> Gen.), so busy will be good to leave in.  This at least lets the user 
> know there is something happening.  I think we can get enough speed so 
> we don't need to go to a paging system.
we can do that, but being in alpha I am still holding out that I will 
get rendering times *way down*. If it is still slow at our 1.0 release 
then yes I will do that. Version 0.80 (prior to the rewrite) did this.
> I would like to be able to drag a scrollbar and have the verses count 
> down as I do to quickly go to a specific verse.  It looks like you know 
> which line each verse starts on so I think this can be done.
Yeah, it can be done. I am not interested in adding scrollbars, but you 
are free to so long as you make it an option. I personally prefer the 
flick to scroll feature. And scrollbars take up more screen real estate.
> Also how can we highlight a section to copy and paste?  I would guess we 
> could just open a verse copy dialog window.  However, non Bible text 
> will be harder.  Left or right drags could be for selecting text, I 
> think that would work.
This is definitely possible, and on my todo list but probably won't 
happen until after a 1.0 release.
> The reader trys to change screen orientation but doesn't work quite right.
I had this working in 0.80 but its broken for now. Its a rather easy fix.
> The book selection screen should be split somehow so there is a 
> difference between Old and New Testament selections.  Hmm, how to handle 
> the books between Old and New?
I agree, again on my todo list.
> The chapter selection when selecting books between 101-150 chapters 
> stays at this screen for the next navigation selection even for books 
> with less than 100 chapters. 
This is obviously a bug.
>  The screen should make it easy on the user 
> and reset.  Also back navigation button so I can retreat if i tap wrong, 
> cancel too.
Yes the selection system needs some work.

> Overall this looks really great compared to 6 years ago.
Thanks, but special Kudos to Barry Drake for being brave enough to 
resurrect this project.
> Can't hardly wait to see the code.
> The VM is up, Win 2K is loaded now just updating.  I'll be on EVC4 until 
> I can get a copy of Visual Studio.  I think I am getting a free student 
> edition since my son is a student.
Can't wait to work with you. As you can see there is still much 
improvement to be done. Feel  free to take on whatever part interests 
you the most. But let's always discuss any important or drastic design 
changes here on the list or in #sword.

In Christ,
David Trotz

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