[sword-devel] SwordReader PocketPC and SmartPhone CAB files.

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 15:52:18 MST 2008

David Trotz wrote:
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>> The gui looks real clean.  I would prefer the navigate features to be 
>> single tap access instead of having to tap into a menu.  Is there a 
>> reason behind the current menu system, like M$ usability guidelines?
> The menu was driven by the Smartphone which can only have two menu 
> items. We decided that a single menuing system between the versions 
> would make things a lot easier to maintain. Plus on Windows Mobile 6 
> when you go to 3 or more menu items you loose the shiny menu look, and 
> get the plain menu's instead. (Not sure if that made much sense)
I don't think I would agree with using a single interface for both 
systems.  While there are many similarities there are also many 
differences.  By dumbing down the interface on the Windows Mobile you 
loose a lot of the power of the platform.  The Windows Mobile platform 
can compete with a desktop in many ways.  I don't believe the SmartPhone 
can get as close to the desktop as Mobile can, too little functionality.

I do find the loss of the 'shiny menu' distressing.  I think it would be 
a worth while trade off to make the user interface more efficient.  
Perhaps the interface could be user selectable and defaulted based on 
the platform?

Any chance of reopening this discussion?  I guess I just did.  :)

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