[sword-devel] Getting Started on Windows Mobile Software

SonWon sonwon.1 at gmail.com
Sun Jul 6 13:41:39 MST 2008

> John (or SonWon?)
> Welcome to the community.
> There is a Windows Mobile Version of Sword in the making, it is called 
> SwordReader. I recently spent a lot of time doing a rewrite and 
> restructuring the code base. It is now very structured. I do not use 
> MFC, but I did write a framework that somewhat mimics MFC. I also wrote 
> my own HTML renderer to give us greater control over the rendering of 
> biblical texts, as well as a bit of a performance boost.
> We would love to have your help on this project, please consider joining 
> our team as opposed to starting your own venture. Together we can 
> produce more feature rich software in a shorter amount of time.
> In Christ,
> David Trotz
Hi David,

Name is John but I usually go by SonWon online.  :)

Sorry for the late reply.  The hard drive in my laptop died last week 
and I spent the last several days rebuilding the new drive.

I would be glad to join the team.  I am interested in adding some bell 
and whistles to the interface to make the reader easier, although I am 
only guessing since I have not looked at SwordReader for several years.

I noticed there is no CAB file available for download on the main 
website which is a problem for non Windows users.  I avoid Windows 
whenever I can but will run it in a VM to develop for this project.  Can 
we get CAB files listed there?

I think the first thing I need to do is get SVN up, is there a how to?  
I know nothing about SVN but I am vaguely familiar with version control 

Thank you,

I am looking forward to working with everyone.

John Mitchell

I choose God and all that my choice entails in this life even unto death and look forward to the new life that will come.

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