[sword-devel] Problem with Eloquent (MacSword)

Manfred Bergmann bergmannmd at web.de
Sat Jul 5 02:46:58 MST 2008

Hi Jónatas.

Hmm. I didn't notice that the "2" of 1.4.0b2 is not shown in "About"  
But it is that there is just not enough space to show the "2".
If you have build number 86 (it is shown as part of the mounted .dmg  
image name) then you have the latest version.

There defenitely is the module installer but it maybe that depending  
on the language you use I forgot to add the menu item.
A "Module installer..." menu item should be directly above  
"Preferences..." menu item.

Which language are you (and your friend) using?
You can try to switch off all languages except "English" as a work  
This is done in the Application infomation window (right-click on .app  
and choose "Information") in the languages section.


Am 05.07.2008 um 11:16 schrieb Jónatas Ferreira:

> Hi Manfred,
> i too agree that eloquent is quite stable, but in this friend's  
> computer, simply didn't work at all. Everytime I tried to expand the  
> tree from crosswire.org it crashed.
> I'm runing Leopard, and so is my friend. 1.4.0b2 doesn't seem to  
> work either on my MBP, or my friend's MB. I installed it, but I  
> can't see the module installer anywhere in the menus. Also, in the  
> about box the version presented is still 1.4.0b (not 1.4.0b2).
> Best regards,
> Jónatas Ferreira
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>> Hi Jónatas.
>> I think the version 0.3.x of Eloquent is quite stable but I can't say
>> for sure.
>> If you are running Tiger or Leopard you might want to try the latest
>> MacSword 1.4.0b2 version.
>> It has this module installer integrated (so you don't need Eloquent)
>> and is quite stable.
>> Regards,
>> Manfred
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