[sword-devel] Coptic Book module

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Jan 28 09:27:44 MST 2008

> Does this text is really based on
> the Bible; does it reference relevant verses, without bypass keys verses
> against monophysite? Or is it based on other monophysite texts?   
> I don't know this book, nor the author, nor this subject, but some of the
> books I readed (some evangelical, some catholics, some jews), are mostly not
> based on the Bible but on humain values, on cultures, on psychology; and
> thoses books have a really low value to my eyes.

It argues solely based on the Bibel, competently and without weird
turns. It nevre has a cultic smell to it. It describes the monophysite
point of view that it is impossible to separate Human Nature and Divine
Nature of Christ.

While I believe that a lot of the argument which tore the church apart
1500 years ago, is one of being at the very limits of of our
understanding (actually beyond it) - on both sides - I believe that the
preaching of teh book is a valuable one. It stresses hat for our
redemption to be actually possible Christ must be God and Man at the
same time, inseparably so. He argues strongly that any diminishing of
either or a weakening of the union as such will results in heresy and in
making salvation impossible.

The fascinating part probably is that the Coptic church came most
strongly out against Arianism a early heresy which said that Christ was
only a man of godly character. Today Arianism is alive and kicking in
two disparate forms - JWs and Islam - latter being the biggest threat to
the Coptic church for the last 1000 years.

So, yes, I believe it is a valuable booklet and producing it as a module
may even open totally new doors for us. And latter is what I am after,
though making this module work was a valuable exercise in its own right
for me.


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