[sword-devel] what was intended and what was said

Jason Galyon jtgalyon at gmail.com
Sun Jan 27 16:25:19 MST 2008

reading over my emails I can see I did a very poor job of wording

My opinion over the choice of license for sword was never intended to be 
conveyed.  I personally am only concerned in the desired use of the 
sofware from a "spirit" and "letter" of the law/license.  From a more 
legal perspective, can a non GPL (but an OSI approved license) interface 
with sword given the architecture is X, Y or Z?

 I sincerely apologize for any offense I conveyed, that certainly was 
not my intention.

However, I did notice that "poorly written" means non diplomatic.  I 
just naively assumed my questions would be taken at face value and 
nothing read into them.

Therefore, please respond to me directly and not the list of you 
disagree with what you believe my opinion is.  I don't believe I stated 
it yet though.

Attacks and the like do not look good on a public mailing list, the 
internet has a very long memory.

No one has emailed me personally and only one has focused on what I 
asked (to which I am grateful).

I suggest this either have the brakes put on or be taken offline.  I 
won't even state my views on licensing here, it may surprise some of you 


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