[sword-devel] Coptic Book module

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Sun Jan 27 14:42:50 MST 2008

As a favour to someone I am creating out of a book by Pope Shenouda, the
Coptic Patriach, a sword module. It is a well written and thoroughly
biblically argued treatise on the Nature of Christ. The emphasis is
obviously "Monophysite".

I have made no attempts to contact anyone so far re rights for
Crosswire distributing it, but I would like to get an idea whether this
would be wasted effort as would never go into the repository - i.e. due
to not evangelical etc. (I find most Coptic literature I read so far
actually thoroughly evangelical, but that is by the by.)

I really do not want to obtain a permission (or even ask for it) and
then realise it will not be distributed as this obviously would be more
than offensive to those who might grant a permission.

My real aim is to create some interest and  trust and maybe get help to
get BD translated into Arabic.


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