[sword-devel] Coptic Book module

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sun Jan 27 15:10:28 MST 2008

I'm certainly not the arbiter of orthodoxy, but have a couple points to 
mention. First, CrossWire definitely isn't an Evangelical organization 
in the sense that we have a statement of faith that aligns with some 
subset of churches that have been categorized as Evangelical. We're 
evangelical in the sense that we're working to spread the Gospel. But 
we're fairly explicitly not aligned with any specific church or creed.

That said, we do have to draw the line of orthodoxy somewhere this side 
of Jesus Christ Superstar. The Book of Mormon & Joseph Smith's 
translation fall on the other side, so we have them tagged as unorthodox 
in the repository. I'm guessing you would like to avoid having that 
happen in this case.

I don't know where monophysitism falls with respect to our loosely 
defined metric of orthodoxy, but my vote would be to add this text to 
the repository. It helps to build bridges, which is a good thing. And if 
it's in Coptic, anyone likely to voice an objection couldn't possibly 
read it to know to object anyway. And it gets bonus points for being in 
a cool language.

I think I have some Coptic Bibles sitting somewhere, too. I could 
fast-track them if you think that would help your efforts.


peter wrote:
> As a favour to someone I am creating out of a book by Pope Shenouda, the
> Coptic Patriach, a sword module. It is a well written and thoroughly
> biblically argued treatise on the Nature of Christ. The emphasis is
> obviously "Monophysite".
> I have made no attempts to contact anyone so far re rights for
> Crosswire distributing it, but I would like to get an idea whether this
> would be wasted effort as would never go into the repository - i.e. due
> to not evangelical etc. (I find most Coptic literature I read so far
> actually thoroughly evangelical, but that is by the by.)
> I really do not want to obtain a permission (or even ask for it) and
> then realise it will not be distributed as this obviously would be more
> than offensive to those who might grant a permission.
> My real aim is to create some interest and  trust and maybe get help to
> get BD translated into Arabic.
> Peter
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