[sword-devel] BibleCS and Farsi

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Sat Jan 5 16:43:44 MST 2008

peter wrote:
> Having finally had a chance to look at the new version of BibleCS and
> the FarsiOPV module two problems come to light:

Which version is that, exactly? 1.5.10pre4? (This version number will 
appear as if you check the file properties in Windows.)

Just to let you know, I'm using WinXP (SP2), but results should hold 
identically for NT, 2K & Vista. I don't have 9x any longer, so I can't 
test that, and really don't have the ability to assist in supporting 
95/98/98SE/ME very properly.

> 1) the letters are not ligated ("glyph shaping") This works fine in
> Arabic which uses a very similar script - largely same looking letters
> but different unicode range.

Arabic & Farsi are both definitely shaped and ligated.

> 2) The text is left bound, but should be right bound. The Arabic module
> is right bound.

Arabic & Farsi are both right justified. This was fixed in one of the 
recent pre-releases, making me think you're not using the latest version.

> This is on Wine on Linux. I will in the next couple of days have a look
> at the programme on Win200 and WinXP.

Wine is definitely not a platform we have tried to support. Do you know 
whether it mimics 9x or NT? I would hope it correctly reports version 
numbers that correspond to whichever it emulates.


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