[sword-devel] Translation efforts pooling

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Thu Jan 3 16:05:57 MST 2008

At the moment I am working on a translation of the GUI of Go Bible - an
OSIS based J2VM bible reader into Farsi. In the process I heavily
cannibalise my previous translation of BibleDesktop.

Doing this I thought we really should have a mechanism which draws all
current and previous Sword based translation effort together - while the
GUIs are obviously very different a lot - maybe 80% -90% ? - will be
simply re-arrangement of the same words and phrases. A lot could
therefore be made easier for all of us.

Should not my translation effort of e.g. BD result in BT or GS
automatically getting at least partially translated?

I have no sensible idea apart from simply dumping all BD property files
somewher eand then doing hand searches (which is what I am doing) but I
thought I should at least throw the idea into the ring.


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