[sword-devel] New SWORD website - update

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Dec 31 03:04:30 MST 2008

Greg Hellings wrote:
> I don't know where you the claim that The SWORD Project site is dead
> from - I can tell you exactly one time when I looked at the wiki: when
> someone else made a FAQ entry about an iPhone front-end and asked
> anyone who might try to tackle it to edit the info there.  

Hard to argue this one with examples while the wiki is down.

But if you compare the sections in wiki and what was there in
www.crosswire.org/sword on module making, on OSIS examples, on the conf
file, on module beta testing, on a whole range of things - the wiki is
for a long while now a more complete source of info than the site ever was.

> As for the specific site changes... are they live on the main
> crosswire.org site?  The actual /sword/ section doesn't look
> noticeably different to my eyes than it did before, but maybe I'm just
> not remembering it correctly.  The main CrossWire page, though, looks
> updated and wonderful.

Thanks. The intended new pages are up and not up. I showed something off
at www/crosswire.org/sword/newpage, but I am taking things apart there
and try and experiment to reflect the multitude of stuff being said here
on the list. So what you see now is representative of not a lot.

Maybe the relevant pages worth looking at right now are
www.crosswire.org/newpage/library.jsp which has an updated module
chooser and also www.crosswire.org/newpage/biblecs.jsp where I
concentrated all info on BibleCS. As long as you are willing to ignore
dangling links.

Other pages are at the moment only partially linked as I play around
with a sane structure for the top menu.

But you can believe me that there is only 4-5 pages worth of info on
libsword and SWORD project on the server which is not replicated better
and (much) more complete on the wiki.

There is always the option of getting stuff which has become static out
of the wiki and back into the site (as I have done with the FAQ) but the
problem with this is that it easily becomes a maintenance nightmare.


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