[sword-devel] New SWORD website - update

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Wed Dec 31 06:51:50 MST 2008

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Greg Hellings wrote:
>> I don't know where you the claim that The SWORD Project site is dead
>> from - I can tell you exactly one time when I looked at the wiki: when
>> someone else made a FAQ entry about an iPhone front-end and asked
>> anyone who might try to tackle it to edit the info there.  
> Hard to argue this one with examples while the wiki is down.
> But if you compare the sections in wiki and what was there in
> www.crosswire.org/sword on module making, on OSIS examples, on the conf
> file, on module beta testing, on a whole range of things - the wiki is
> for a long while now a more complete source of info than the site ever was.

If you'll recall, one of the big complaints about the former CrossWire 
pages motivating the argument in favor of moving to the Wiki entirely 
was the presence of BibleStudy on the main page, in spite of its being 
old and the link having changed. I didn't mention this at the time, but 
I found it more than a little ironic that none of the individuals 
arguing that Wiki is God ever bothered to actually look at the Wiki, 
where they would have found exactly the same information, likewise not 

It's actually still there. You can find the BibleStudy entry in the Wiki 
here: http://www.crosswire.org/wiki/index.php/Frontends:BibleStudy. The 
link is still not updated.

Now--on the other hand--the static CrossWire site has since been updated.

I guess logic would dictate that the Wiki is dead and we should move 
entirely to static pages.


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