[sword-devel] New SWORD website - update

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Dec 27 16:31:20 MST 2008

Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> Limiting the possibilities is probably a good decision. The list should
> be carefully crafted. I think it should be based on the amount of
> modules and amount of users. Most languages have only one or two
> modules. How about giving only 4 languages: English, German, Ancient
> Greek (not modern as it is now!), Old Hebrew. The ancient languages
> could be bundled together, but is it too much work to create language
> "bundles"?

I have added all languages where we wither have several modules already
or have some in "waiting".

> I would like to see possibility to sort the list according to module
> type OR language. If I try to find all Finnish modules (hypothetical -
> there are only Bibles) I don't like browsing through several categories.
> Actually the browser Find function is the only easy way to find modules.
> I guess quite many people want to find all available modules for their
> language.

See above. If your language has several modules it should be in the list.

> There are many language names which my Firefox doesn't show correctly:
> Chinantec, Ozumac?n
> Kekch?
> Are they really utf-8?

Answered last email.

> If the module is in Beta repository it should be marked explicitly.

Getting closer to it.

> The zip packages were discussed already. I think this should be changed:
> "Windows users should click on the link in the WINDOWS column, while
> Linux users should click on the link in the RAW Zip column."
> Instead it shoud be clearly stated that application module managers are
> preferred and some instruction given how to install using the zip files.



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