[sword-devel] New SWORD website - update

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Dec 27 10:27:43 MST 2008

Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> Limiting the possibilities is probably a good decision. The list should
> be carefully crafted. I think it should be based on the amount of
> modules and amount of users. Most languages have only one or two
> modules. How about giving only 4 languages: English, German, Ancient
> Greek (not modern as it is now!), Old Hebrew. The ancient languages
> could be bundled together, but is it too much work to create language
> "bundles"?

Language bundles - I guess I need to think through that.

Languages I want are all with more than one category or more than one
module per category. The rest can go searching. You will always have a
comprimise between making everyone search quite a bit or most search
little but some search a lot. We have many modules and many languages.

> I would like to see possibility to sort the list according to module
> type OR language. If I try to find all Finnish modules (hypothetical -
> there are only Bibles) I don't like browsing through several categories.
> Actually the browser Find function is the only easy way to find modules.
> I guess quite many people want to find all available modules for their
> language.

Impossible in the current format. That is the reason i want about 15-20
languages listed to capture all that have more than one module.

> There are many language names which my Firefox doesn't show correctly:
> Chinantec, Ozumac?n
> Kekch?
> Are they really utf-8?

"It is recommended that you install and use an SIL font with Unicode 5.1
(or later) support, such as Charis SIL or Doulos SIL, because this Bible
may make use of non-standard (PUA) Unicode characters."

Presumably in the module description too. Not sure what to do about that.

> If the module is in Beta repository it should be marked explicitly.

Might be hard in the way this is coded right now.

> The zip packages were discussed already. I think this should be changed:
> "Windows users should click on the link in the WINDOWS column, while
> Linux users should click on the link in the RAW Zip column."
> Instead it shoud be clearly stated that application module managers are
> preferred and some instruction given how to install using the zip files.

This bit needs to get changed in a major way. I am in the process of
doing this right now.

> An error. I Selected Bibles/Greek first and then Bible/All languages.
> *type* Exception report

This is resolved. As I am working on the same copy I create occasionally
exception reports out of which i need to either back out fast or resolve
the issue.

In general, I have found that this page taxed me way more than anything
i have done so far. Several nested loops, ifs, whiles, trys etc.
Altogether a very  complicated logic, probably not made easier by the
fact I did not write the page from scratch but tried adapting and
adapting again the equivalent older page.

With this in mind I think I want to make it work as it is and want to
put it out after some clean up, but then consider in peace a) how to
clean up and rationalise the code and b) how to implement a better
chooser at a later stage.


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