[sword-devel] news/crosswire organization

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Dec 11 15:32:11 MST 2008

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
>> My take on CrossWire is that it basically consists of The SWORD Project, 
>> FlashCards, (maybe) JSword, and hopefully some additional projects if 
>> Troy can get people to actually volunteer. I say maybe JSword, because 
>> that arguably falls under The SWORD Project--and I think it's to 
>> everyone's advantage to simply ignore the underlying technology and 
>> assume that it does. All of the frontends fall under The SWORD Project, 
>> in terms of news. I don't really see an alternative perspective as to 
>> what The SWORD Project _is_, if things like BT, GS, BibleCS, MacSword, 
>> (possibly JSword, BD, etc.), and modules don't fall under the "The SWORD 
>> Project" umbrella.
> This is what I had been banging on for a few days now - the lack of
> definition and clarity on separation of CW and Sword project.
> There are two ways of looking at it - Sword Project narrow and wide
> narrow - SWORD engine + JSword + modules + developer set up
> wide - everything but flashcards, tesseract projects etc.
> In absence of a response to several emails on this list I took in the
> end a decision, which is obviously subject to being reversed again if
> necessary. I favoured the narrow perspective. It makes more sense to me,
> though obviously not to you.

I'm arguing for the narrow perspective, but I feel like you were arguing 
for an even narrower perspective, where The SWORD Project includes only 
the API--since you included frontends and modules as a wider set of 
topics that the news covers.

In truth, the non-Sword news tends to be site news (i.e. server down, 
new wiki, etc.) or mis-categorized (since "CrossWire" is the default 
category and the category to which news items are set when edited).

>> The same goes for making the Sword forums into the CrossWire forums, 
>> which I've seen mentioned once or twice. I think that is a completely 
>> wrong-headed idea. Absolutely none of the forums have anything to do 
>> with anything other than The SWORD Project.
> Narrow or wide? Narrow no. Wide yes.

Again, I'm arguing for what you cite as the narrow perspective.


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