[sword-devel] news/crosswire organization (was: Re: CrossWire website up and running)

Chris Little chrislit at crosswire.org
Thu Dec 11 14:38:44 MST 2008

Peter von Kaehne wrote:
> Chris Little wrote:
>> I don't think 
>> the news section belongs within the CrossWire site as opposed to the 
>> Sword site (but we can discuss that in IRC). 
> Strongly disagree - the news content goes already way beyond Sword,
> includes Jsword, various front ends and more. Option one would be to
> narrow it down to SWORD proper or option two - more naturally - is to
> move it to CW and open it up a bit.

I disagree entirely.

My take on the news is actually that it is roughly 95% The SWORD Project 
news and approximately 5% other news (site news, FlashCards news, etc.).

My take on CrossWire is that it basically consists of The SWORD Project, 
FlashCards, (maybe) JSword, and hopefully some additional projects if 
Troy can get people to actually volunteer. I say maybe JSword, because 
that arguably falls under The SWORD Project--and I think it's to 
everyone's advantage to simply ignore the underlying technology and 
assume that it does. All of the frontends fall under The SWORD Project, 
in terms of news. I don't really see an alternative perspective as to 
what The SWORD Project _is_, if things like BT, GS, BibleCS, MacSword, 
(possibly JSword, BD, etc.), and modules don't fall under the "The SWORD 
Project" umbrella.

The same goes for making the Sword forums into the CrossWire forums, 
which I've seen mentioned once or twice. I think that is a completely 
wrong-headed idea. Absolutely none of the forums have anything to do 
with anything other than The SWORD Project.

I don't think this aspect of re-organization achieves anything other 
than to de-emphasize the news by putting it on a less prominent page and 
to change from our more prominent brand "The SWORD Project" to a less 
prominent one "The CrossWire Bible Society".


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