[sword-devel] CrossWire vs Sword websites and other confusion

Peter von Kaehne refdoc at gmx.net
Wed Dec 3 16:31:53 MST 2008

There is plenty of confusion here. We often use Crosswire and Sword
interchangeably on the site, which is fine probably in most contexts,
but it becomes confusing for someone new who is hopping through the site

I would suggest moving certain pages out of the sword site into the
Crosswire site:

http://www.crosswire.org/sword/index.jsp - the news section is CrossWire
wide and hence should be there (apart from that it is more than ancient

The Forums - they contain all sorts of stuff and sub-fora which are not
Sword (modules and BibleCS) and hence they should get renamed into
CrossWire + restyled along CrossWire lines.

All volunteering stuff should go teh developers' way and go onto the wiki.


Installing from source - is this still relevant for anyone on Linux
apart from people who are either developers or would like to be? I would
like to move the info into the Wiki (if it is not there already)


Do these lists still exist and are they active? and why are they not all
together with these on this page here:




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