[sword-devel] osis2mod paragraph hack

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 3 16:09:38 MST 2008

In reading the OSIS 2.1.1 schema today, I realized that OSIS does have a 
milestone-able paragraph.

Today, osis2mod replaces all
<p> with <lb type="x-begin-paragraph"/>
</p> with <lb type="x-end-paragraph"/>

These allow for verses to be well formed in isolation, and ensure that 
all front-ends that show isolated verse text (e.g. in a list of search 
results, or cells of an HTML table) without error.

What I noticed is that the following is defined in OSIS:
<div type="paragraph" sID="xxx"/>
<div type="paragraph" eID="yyy"/>

I'd like to use these instead. I'll have to add handling of this to the 
SWORD engine first and when released, then to osis2mod.

Any objections?

In Him,

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