[sword-devel] Module categories

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Mon Oct 29 07:19:24 MST 2007

I think the technical capabilities of the various module forms are so
vastly different and strictly separated, while the front ends at the
moment so closely tied in their GUI layout to these capabilities, that
it makes very little sense to create and present at this stage semantic

Having said this, the genbook/dict/commentary section will become more
interesting with some of the modules Karl, DM and I discussed recently:
Once e.g. a picture collection is accessible by verse keys as a
'commentary', by word search keys as a 'dictionary' and by a super
imposed hierachical structure as a 'genbook' you have a very new
situation. This is technically possible right now, but not really
realised. Also right now such modules would require being installed
multiple times with various indeces differently compiled each time.

A useful change in the main library would be to allow composite modules
which have one bulky resource (e.g. an image directory) and multiple
access indeces and subsequently are subject to several technical
categories. Once this becomes possible and more widespread we should
think closer about semantic categories and have the technical categories
as displayed and explained module capabilities.


Eeli Kaikkonen wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Oct 2007, Martin Gruner wrote:
>> HI Eeli,
>> IMO we should hide the technical detail from the users. For them, only the "logical" function is interesting.
> Of course, though actually our frontend needs also the technical
> distinction: we have to offer the list of the works to add to the
> parallel view and it has to be according the module "technical" type,
> not just according to semantic contents.
> I think my point was that because there already has been need to add
> that conf file field and add entries to it, why not do it properly once
> and for all so that every semantic/logical content we have has it's own
> indicator?
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