[sword-devel] OSIS2XHTML XSLT and Openoffice.org2OSIS2Sword

DM Smith dmsmith555 at yahoo.com
Sat Oct 6 20:16:15 MST 2007

I don't remember your work or know where it might be.

You might be interested in the OSIS 2 XHTML that JSword uses. (JSword  
converts all modules and confs to OSIS first and then to HTML for  

I'd love for someone to figure out how to integrate OpenOffice.org  
and JSword.


On Oct 6, 2007, at 9:56 PM, Don A. Elbourne Jr. wrote:

> Several years ago I wrote a XSLT transformation from OSIS to XHTML and
> integrated it with a simple XUL (Mozilla based) app - well it really
> wasn't much of an app; sort of just a thing. :) Anyway,  anybody
> remember that? I no longer have those files.
> If anyone still has that XSLT, I was thinking of using it as a  
> basis to
> reverse the process and create a XHTML2OSIS XSLT.
> Or better yet an OpenOffice.org to OSIS XSLT. OpenOffice.org now  
> has the
> ability to integrate XSLTs. That capability, along with a custom  
> templet
> and style, OpenOffice.org could natively save to OSIS. Folks have done
> something similar for DocBook.
> I've been completely out of this sort of thing for a solid two  
> years, so
> I forgot more than I learned about XSLT, but I did some checking  
> tonight
> and the possibilities look promising.
> My primary interest would be in creating a tool to convert puritan
> sermons and historic systematic theologies into Sword modules. With  
> the
> scripture indexing capabilities we tossed around, I see a huge  
> potential
> for a very productive expansion of the Sword Project's module library.
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