[sword-devel] OSIS2XHTML XSLT and Openoffice.org2OSIS2Sword

Don A. Elbourne Jr. don2 at elbourne.org
Sun Oct 7 13:22:26 MST 2007

DM Smith wrote:
> You might be interested in the OSIS 2 XHTML that JSword uses. (JSword 
> converts all modules and confs to OSIS first and then to HTML for 
> display):
> http://www.crosswire.org/svn/jsword/trunk/bibledesktop/src/main/resources/xsl/cswing/simple.xsl

cool thanks.

Does anyone have one written that converts to OSIS or THML from 
something like HTML or anything?

I hope this isn't too far off topic, but is there anyway to create an 
XSLT any other way than completely by hand?

by grace alone,

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