[sword-devel] OSIS2XHTML XSLT and Openoffice.org2OSIS2Sword

peter refdoc at gmx.net
Sat Oct 6 19:40:15 MST 2007

Don A. Elbourne Jr. wrote:
> Several years ago I wrote a XSLT transformation from OSIS to XHTML and 
> integrated it with a simple XUL (Mozilla based) app - well it really 
> wasn't much of an app; sort of just a thing. :) Anyway,  anybody 
> remember that? I no longer have those files.
> If anyone still has that XSLT, I was thinking of using it as a basis to 
> reverse the process and create a XHTML2OSIS XSLT.
> Or better yet an OpenOffice.org to OSIS XSLT. OpenOffice.org now has the 
> ability to integrate XSLTs. That capability, along with a custom templet 
> and style, OpenOffice.org could natively save to OSIS. Folks have done 
> something similar for DocBook.
> I've been completely out of this sort of thing for a solid two years, so 
> I forgot more than I learned about XSLT, but I did some checking tonight 
> and the possibilities look promising.
> My primary interest would be in creating a tool to convert puritan 
> sermons and historic systematic theologies into Sword modules. With the 
> scripture indexing capabilities we tossed around, I see a huge potential 
> for a very productive expansion of the Sword Project's module library.
I have two OSIS related XSL files OSIS2FO and OSIS2USFM - is either of
help to you?

They are from Snowfall software

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