[sword-devel] Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender (was [Publisher] Interest in distributing text )

Pierre Dumuid pierre.dumuid at adelaide.edu.au
Thu Jan 25 00:06:22 MST 2007


I just sent the following email to info at crosswire.org
<mailto:info at crosswire.org>  (as per
http://www.crosswire.org/sword/publisher/index.jsp) and got a "mail
address doesn't exist" response.
Trying again today, and cc'ing sword-devel.  If info at crosswire.org isn't
working I suggest replacing all occurences on the webpage with a valid
email address. (otherwise other publishers might be put off..)

In consideration of the mailing list, the attachment has been removed
and placed at http://phptrialweb.newcreation.org.au/gb.zip


> Hi,
> My name is Pierre Dumuid, and I have been fairly involved with the 
> people from New Creation Teaching Ministry (NCTM).  
> (http://www.newcreation.org.au)
> NCTM is a ministry that was started up by a Rev. Geoffrey Bingham 
> (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoffrey_Bingham) who in 1974 resigned 
> from being head of the local bible college following a calling where it 
> was felt teaching material would become available to the churches.
> Geoffrey Bingham has led a team of speakers who provide theological 
> classes at no cost to the general public.  As part of this ministry, 
> hundred's of books have been published, (freely available for download) 
> and mp3 and videos have also been produced, (also somewhat available as 
> well).
> All the works developed are mostly under the "free to distribute" banner. (exact licencing to re-examine, but most/all of the books are freely downloadable)
> I have personally been involved in converting audio tapes to mp3's 
> (started the process and trained up others) and also have helped in 
> developing some of the more recent DVD's.  I've also been developing a 
> new database driven website, (currently not active).
> As an experiment, I was fiddling around with converting the Ephesians 
> commentary (see http://www.newcreation.org.au/books/covers/031.html) and 
> thought I'd try to use it with sword.  I've have a fair bit of success 
> (see attached files) though a few things were a bit strange:
> Anyhow, as per:  http://www.crosswire.org/sword/publisher/index.jsp, 
> this was just an expression of interest.
> A few issues I found with osis2mod:
> *Error 1: <note>'s didn't display in bibletime or gnomesword2*
> <verse ...>
> <p>
> asdfa sadfa<note>this got recognised as a footnote but failed to work 
> properly in both bibletime and gnomesword2</note> sadga
> </p>
> </verse>
> *Error 2: multiple <title></title> within a verse acting a bit wierd:
> *<verse >
> <title>test1</title>
> <p>...</p>
> <title>test2</title>
> <p>...</p>
> <title>test3</title>
> <p>...</p>
> <title>test4</title>
> <p>...</p>
> </verse>
> would end up turning out in sword as:
> test4
> test1
> ...
> test2
> ...
> test3
> ...
> ...
I think I narrowed the bug as being that the last title given within a
verse would be "the title" for that verse, and hence placed at the top
of the verse.  My TEMPORARY solution was to add an empty title at the
very end of a verse.

Also another error I found was:
this is a test
 about dada

(where there is a line break after the word, "test" and some space
before "about".
would render as:

this is a testabout dada

(i.e. it seems that a trim command is used on ever line of text, and the
lines concatenated together w/out any spacing.  I am using the latest
version of osis2mod in Fedora 6 extra repositories.
> Also, bugzilla and svn access links should really be available from 
> http://www.crosswire.org/sword/develop/index.jsp.  I managed to get the shortcuts to them from the #sword irc channel
As a last note, I started editing the xml file using emacs, but am
currently now considering developing a bash script as follows:

cat x \
   | sed 's/\(Psalm
osisRef="Psalm.\2.\3\4">\1<\/reference>/' \
   | sed 's/\(Jer. \([0-9]*\):\([0-9]*\)[f]*\([\-]*[0-9]*\)\)/<reference
osisRef="Jeremiah.\2.\3\4">\1<\/reference>/' \
   | sed 's/\(Jeremiah
osisRef="Jeremiah.\2.\3\4">\1<\/reference>/' \

my pregexp's aren't so great, and was wondering if anyone's already a
file like this... (and if they have, it should be on the page, for the
publishers as it is the quickest way for publishers to get their hands

Pierre Dumuid

Phd Student
Cinelerra-CV (somewhat of a developer, recently removed myself, see:

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