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On 1/24/07, sworddev at chrisbaker.com <sworddev at chrisbaker.com> wrote:
> Greetings:
> I'm not sure if suggesting a (much needed) feature is a faux pas on this
> list (in case it is, I'll offer a solution to another problem, too), but I
> think one area Sword/Win is deficient (maybe other projects too? haven't
> looked) is in keyboard shortcuts.  I'm not a big fan of the mouse -- it's
> just slow if a keyboard shortcut is available.  I'd like to suggest
> something like this:
> ctrl-g activates verse reference drop-down (contents highlighted)
> ctrl-up activates previous verse arrow button
> ctrl-down activates next verse arrow button
> ctrl-right activates next chapter arrow button
> ctrl-left activates previous chapter arrow button
> alt-left arrow activates "back" button
> I've done some development in Delphi, so if C++ Builder is similar at all,
> I wouldn't think this would be a difficult addition.
> What do you think?

I'm off of Windows now, so I don't use BibleCS (the name of the
Windows front-end for Sword that you're talking about) but I also love
short-cuts and think that the more there are, the better a program is.
 And adding them probably won't affect other functionality in the

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> Now for the solution I found:
> Here's a problem I posted on the forum:
> ~~~~~~~
> Using the 10/4/2006 version of Sword/Win, I get the following gibberish
> whenever I try to view my own personal commentary notes or add new ones:
> { \viewkind4\uc1\pard\cf7\lang1033\f1\fs24 Times New Roman;\fs20
> (at beginning of note)
> and
> \nowidctlpar\fs24\par \par \f1 \cf7\par } (at end of note)
> I tried switching back to the 9/7/2002 version and the text was displayed
> fine. Also, it looked fine in the version before the current one.
> ~~~~~~~~
> and here's the solution I found (and posted as well):
> ~~~~~~~~
> I edited out the line in personal.conf which read "SourceType=ThML"
> Judging from the help file, this could have implications if I wanted to
> add verse references to context (right-click) menus in the personal
> commentary. I'll just avoid that.
> ~~~~~~~~

This is caused by a mishandling of ThML in that module by the
ThML->RTF filter (the codes you are seeing are RTF formatting codes
that are almost exclusively used by the BibleCS frontend.  This
probably probably doesn't appear in other programs that use the
Personal Commentary.

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